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藤本 光伯
Mitsunori Fujimoto







Joined Sega Enterprises, Inc. (currently Sega Corporation) in 1999 after working at an overseas computer manufacturer. Primarily worked in IT roles (development environments and online games), and was engaged in a companywide development support business. Joined Nagoshi Studio Inc. in January 2022.


You probably have high expectations for games that come with the Nagoshi Studio name. We created this company to make games that live up to these expectations for scale and quality. We make games that are deep, epic and filled with a commitment to please our fans.

My role isn't in game development per se, but is to provide whatever is necessary so that game developers can focus on their work. We've basically started from scratch without the infrastructure, pipeline or systems needed to develop deep, epic games. There is a lot of freedom, but it is also a major undertaking. We hope to hear from you if you think this adventure is right for you.